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CESSNA 180 / 182

Kit Number
STC Number
Aircraft TCDS Number
Aircraft TCDS Number

5A6 (C180 Series)
3A13 (C182 Series)

Applicable Aircraft


Maximum Continuous

C 180

C 180 A, B
C 180 C,D, E, F, G, H
C 180 J

C 182 A, B, C, D
C 182 E, F, G

O-470-A, J
O-470-L, R
O-470-R, S

O-470-L, R

2600 RPM, 225 HP
2600 RPM, 230 HP
2600 RPM, 230 HP
2600 RPM, 230 HP
2600 RPM, 230 HP

2600 RPM, 230 HP
2600 RPM, 230 HP

 STC Kit Contents


1 Propeller
1 Polished Aluminum Spinner Assembly
1 Installation Drawings
1 Installation Instructions
1 Flight Manual Supplement

D3A36C435 / 80VEA-0



Propeller Part Number
Number of Blades
Blade Design
Installed Propeller & Spinner Weight
Maximum Diameter
Minimum Diameter

Shipping Weight
Carton Dimensions
Spinner Carton Dimensions / Weight

79.4 lbs.
80 in.
78 in.
2400 hours or 72 calendar months
(whichever occurs first)
120 lbs.
77" x 77" x 21"
17" x 17" x 23" / 9 lbs.

Note 1: Woodward governor models 210105AF, 210340, or 210451 used with Hartzell propeller BHC-C2YF are not applicable to this STC. All other governor models listed on the aircraft type certificate data sheet are applicable.



Hartzell HC-82XF / 8833
Hartzell HC-82XF-6 / 8833
Hartzell HC-82XF-1 / 8433
Hartzell HC-82XF-6 / 8433
Hartzell HC-A2XF-1 / 8433
Hartzell HC-A2XF / 8833
Hartzell HC-82XF-1 / 8833
Hartzell BHC-A2XF-1 / 8433
Hartzell BHC- A2XF-1 / 8833

McCauley 2A36C29 / 90M-8
McCauley 2A36C29 / 90M-2
McCauley 2A34C50 / 90A-8
McCauley 2A34C50 / 90A-2
McCauley 2A34C66 / 90AT-8
McCauley 2A34C66 / 90AT-2
McCauley 2A34C201 / 90DA-8
McCauley 2A34C201 / 90DA-2
McCauley 2A34C203 / 90DCA-8
McCauley 2A34C203 / 90DCA-2


Performance increases vary depending on individual aircraft and flight condition.

McCauley Propeller Systems is committed to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the finest propeller systems in the world. Introduced in 1989, the BLACKMAC line was the first mass production high performance propeller STC offered to the aviation industry. Pioneering the advancement of scimitar blade designs, solid one piece hubs, and internal steel split ring blade retention systems, McCauley has been setting

the industry standards for new propeller designs for over 60 years.
We at McCauley are very proud of the engineering and performance achievements we have reached with our line of piston & turbine propellers, and you will be too.
The following are just some of the reasons McCauley propellers are the finest in the world.

Improved take-off and climb performance

  • Shorter take-off and landing distances and better climb

Quieter fly over and cabin noise levels

  • Significant noise reductions when installing three blade propellers vs. two blade propellers and when installing four blade propellers vs. three blade propellers
  • Most STC kits enjoy further noise reduction using the new generation scimitar blade design

Propeller design from original equipment manufacturer

  • Replace your propeller with an STC designed and tested by McCauley Propeller Systems

Forged, single piece aluminum hub

  • A superior engineering design over two piece hubs and external clamps that require numerous fasteners which are prone to service difficulties and Airworthiness Directives

Scimitar blade design

  • A new generation of airfoil and scimitar blade designs which deliver the best performance and lowest noise levels available

Internal threadless blade retention system

  • Designed with innovative engineering. Steel split rings installed inside the hub provide a superior blade retention system

Sealed hub design

  • New generation of oil filled hubs for piston aircraft which provide constant lubrication and corrosion protection
  • A design derived from our turbine propeller line, which enjoys over twenty years of AD free service excellence
  • No annual servicing required beyond normal propeller care

Longest TBO available

  • Piston applications up to 2400 hours or 72 calendar months (whichever occurs first)
  • Turbine applications up to 6000 hours or 72 calendar months (whichever occurs first)

Industry leading warranty

  • Standard three year warranty on McCauley owned STC kits extended to include McCauley supplied replacement parts for components found unserviceable due to manufacturing defects at first recommended overhaul

Industry leading customer support

  • Toll free number connects you with technical support
  • Worldwide network of factory authorized service centers and parts distributors
  • 24 hour 7 day a week AOG service